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NEW Lush! LOVENSE LUSH 2 Review: New Is Always Better? (2020)

Lovense Lushvibe (1st generation) was one of my favorite wearable bullet vibrators. I was so excited to find out the launch ofLovense Lush 2nd Generation!

How is the Lush 2 vibe? Is it true that “new is always better”? In this case, the short answer is “YES”!

I am actually really impressed by the fact that the Lovense company actually reacted to customers’ feedback from the previous product and made this update.

But of course, it’s important to know what Lush 2 actually can do before deciding whether or not this is a toy you want.

Let me share EVERYTHING about theLush 2with you in this review. Everything meansI will confirm what’s amazing about this toy and reveal what’s not that appealing about this toy.

⚠️Want to make sure you don’t get counterfeit products and get good customer service?DO NOT purchase any sex toy from Amazon or eBay.I strongly recommend that you orderonly from reliable retailers or official stores,like the ones mentioned in this post. Enjoy! 😃

NOTE:Lovense site sometimes provides big promotions(can be up to 50% off). I’m not sure how long the promotions last, so if you’re considering purchasing a toy or two, You should really check out the availablepromotionson the official site.

Table of Contents

What is Lovense Lush 2?

Lovense (not “Lovesense”!)Lush 2is apowerful and internally wearable egg vibratorthat can be used to spice up bedroom sex or public naughtiness. The toy is made ofpremium silky silicone – the surface of this toy is super smooth against the skin.

Lush 2, like its predecessor, islightweight, rechargeable, seamlessly designed, and gives powerful vibrations.

Lush 2 is one of the bestremote control vibratorsfor long-distance sex! The toy enablesapp-control functions, which means you can control the vibrations from any distance and there are versatile ways to do that,including voice control, music beats control, partners’ touch, etc.

Thanks to the app-control, you can be as creative as you want for solo play, discreet public play, and long-distance play. Besides, it is fully submersible.

Key Features of The Lush 2 By Lovense

Lush 2 is a cute little egg vibrator thathas a bulbous part and an antenna.The bulbous part is designed for internal use and the antenna shall sit outside of the vagina, reaching for good Bluetooth connection while being controlled by mobile phones.

The surface of the toy is made entirely from a matte-textured silicone and under the surface, it embraces a powerful motor.Thanks to the updates, the motor inLush 2is a bit stronger than the one in the original Lush.

The insertable part of the vibrator (the bulbous part) is about1.4 in / 35.5 mm thick and 3.14 in / 80 mm long.This is a very decent size for any woman to insert this toy for pleasure.

Besides, the bulbous part is curved to better hit the G-Spot while the strong vibrations stimulate the entire vaginal area. Other than that, the antenna part is about4.8 in /122 mm in length.

This toy comes with a hot pink color. The overall design of the toy is really sleek and you can easily notice its premium quality once you have a touch on the Lush 2 vibrator. The control button of the Lush 2 locates at the tip of the antenna, which allows you to easily turn it on/off or adjust the setting while wearing it.

Lush 2 produces low noisewhen in use and it’s one of the quietest egg vibrators in the market. Even if you turn the toy on the highest vibration speed, thenoise level will be only around 50db.How loud is 50db? It is the noise level of a quiet living room!

This toy is even quieter when vibrating inside your vagina. Apparently, your vaginal wall is a natural sound blocker ;). That’s why Lovense Lush is my best companion forpublic play.

Tip:You may click the video above to hear the actual noise Lush 2 produces when is in use

As a small love egg, Lush 2 provides quite an intense vibration. To be more precise, it’s4 times more powerful than most love eggs in the market.

The motor inLush 2is bigger than the one in the previous Lush. The vibration strength is similar (only be a little stronger, I think), but the motor performance and durability are very much improved.

Use this toy internally is just amazing.During foreplay, you can turn the Lush 2 on to low-vibration and it definitely can make your wetttt! After you start to make some humming sound, it’s time to increase the intensity.

Vibration with the highest intensity can really make you moan! I admit this toy can’t thrust and it doesn’t hit the G-spot all the time, butthe way it vibrates just has the magic power to make you feel so satisfied.

Lush 2 also performs amazingly whenused externally to stimulate the clitoris.The vibration is not pinpointing, but it’s quite strong and rumbly and really travels under the skin.An orgasm is guaranteed if you stimulate the clit withLush 2. What’s better? You can easily go for round 2 or 3 or more thanks to its long battery life ;).

Besides, the level of vibration can be controlled through your phone or your partner’s phoneat any distance via the Lovense app(I will talk about this part in more detail later).

Lush 2is one of the most comfortable wearable egg vibes. The decent size of the toy makes it easy to insert for all women and some lube can help to make the inserting process even more smooth. Once Lush 2 is inserted, you can barely feel it unless it starts to vibrate.

You can use this toy when lying down on the bed, sitting or walking. As long as you are well-lubricated,it feels comfortable with all the positions.

Besides, Lush 2 vibe has avery flexible antennaand you can bend it at any angle and it will stay in the shape. This is extremely handy when it comes to hands-free play because you can bend the antenna in a hook shape and let it be well attached to your underwear.

The most appealing feature of the Lush 2 is its App-control function.It enables your partner to control yourLush 2from anywhere and you can also let your Lush 2 vibrate along with any sound or music beats.

Basically, you firstpair the Lush 2 vibe to your phone through a Bluetooth connectionand ask your partner to alsocreate an account for the ‘Lovense Remote’ app. Once you both are logged in the Lovense account, your partner can hold full control for your vibrator.

If you also have other toys from Lovense company, all the toys can be added to the app, ready to be controlled at any time and any places.

Setting up an account for App-use was effortless,and connecting the vibrator to the application was exactly how I would expect this process to go:painless, straightforward and easy!

I will get into more details about how to use connect the App later.

Fancy some wet play in the swimming pool or the bathtub? Lush 2 is here to help! This toy is made to be fully waterproof, which not only opens a door for more sensational play but also making the cleaning process a lot easier.

One of the biggest updates Lush 2 has (compared toLush 1) is its battery. Lovense improved the battery model so that this toy can be more lasting.

After some year of use, Lush 2 should still hold a similar amount of battery life after each charge.

How to Pair Lush 2 with the “Lovense Remote” App?(Visual Guide)

First, you need to turn on the Lush 2 bullet vibrator. To do that, just press the switch button at the tip of the antenna for3-5 seconds. The blinking red light at the tip indicates that your Lush 2 is ready to connect.

Next, you need to download the app called “Lovense Remote” which supports all the mainstream devices, includingiPhone, iPad,Android phone/pad, Mac, and Windows PC. I usually connect myLush 2with my phone as this is the most convenient way for me to play naughty ;).

Once the app is downloaded, tap‘Sign-Up’to register a user account if you are a new user. If you are an existing user, simply add Lush 2 to your current account.

After‘Sign-up’or‘Log In’, tap the‘connection’ iconin the top right corner to add the Lush 2 to your account.

When the toy is found, simply tap‘Done’in the top right corner.

(Visual Guide 1: Register/Login -> Pair & Connect Lush 2 -> Search & Add Lush 2 -> Done)

At this point, your Lush 2 is connected, you may start to play with the vibration by tapping the‘Remote’icon in the middle of the screen. Thepink vibration buttonscan be dragged up and down to adjust the vibration intensity.

(Visual Guide 2: How to use the Remote Control function?)

After that, you can connect the Lush 2 with your partner(s).

To do that, tap the‘Long Distance’icon at the bottom of the phone screen -> Tap add‘+’in the top right corner -> Type in your partner’s username and tap‘Done’-> after your partneracceptsyour request, you two will be connected and ready to do some long-distance play.

My favorite part about this app is thatyou can grant access!Yes, it means your partner doesn’t have to constantly ask for permission to control my vibe. I cangive him unlimited accessand, so long as the vibrator is turned on and connected, he’s free to ‘turn me on’ at any time.

(Visual Guide 3: how to add your partner?)

Once connecting theLush 2with your devices, you and your partner can manually control the vibrations by moving the round pink button up and down (as mentioned before). But that’s not all! There are six main ways to control the vibration intensity with the app, including recorded voice control, music beat control, personalized pattern control, etc.

(Visual Guide 4: six main ways to use the app)

How to Remove Your Partner(s) from Lovense App?

Things happen in life. What if the relationship ends? what if you simply just don’t want to give the control to your partner anymore? In that case,you can just delete them from your contact list. Here’s how:​

1. For iOS- swipe your finger to the left once you click on the contact and you will see an option “Delete”;

2. For Android- click and hold on the contact and you will see an option “Remove the person from the friend list”.

How to Use Lush 2 without the Lovense App?

Sometimes, simplicity is king! You may just want a quick start and go with the Lush 2, without spending the time to turn on the app or do any setting.It’s possible to use the Lush 2 in a traditional way and It’s quite easy to use theLush 2in a traditional way!

There isonly one buttonon the Lush and this button is located at the tip of the Antenna.

To turn Lush 2 on, simply press and hold the button for 3-5 seconds.The red indicator light at the tip part will flash when the toy is turned on. Then, press the button again to select among the 7 vibration modes. Each press leads to one setting, as shown below:

To turn off the Lush, just press and hold the button again for few seconds.Make sure you clean and dry the toy after each use. This is good for hygiene and it can prolong the working life for your toy.

How to Charge the Lush 2?

Before use, you have to charge up the Lush 2 vibe. To do this,push the pin firmly and slowly in the charging port and then plug the charger into any USB ports.I have to admit when I push the Lush to charge, I did feel like I was piercing it. It takes a little bit of force to get it in there.You can stop pushing the pin when the red indicator light is on.

A red indicator light will show while the unit is charging and the red light will turn off once it has fully charged. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge theLush 2and a full charge will give you approximately 2 continuous hours of playtime.

Packaging & What’s In the Box?

⚠️NOTE:For Corsets of you who haveconfidentialityconcerns: If ordered directly from Lovense official site, all toys will be shipped ina plain brown boxthat looks like an Amazon box. Inside the plain box will be another plain box just in case someone opens it.The sender’s name will be “Hytto Ltd”. For the bank statement, it will most likely show a random code(Due to some banks’ policy, it might show “Hytto” or “LVS”, but no more than that).

The Lush comessecurely and discreetly packagedin a cardboard box. Actually, this is one of the most discreet packagings I’ve received from a sex toy company. There aretwo layers of carton boxes before the LUSH box gets exposed.Upon receiving, there’s no sign at all saying this is a sex toy.

Four things are included in the gracefully presented box:

Sadly,it doesn’t come with a storage bag. Storage bags are one of those things that I feel all sex toys should come with.

The box is presented in a simple and easy-to-read way and it is utilized to present almost all the information you would need to know about this toy(e.g music and vocal control, solo and couple play, app connection, silent vibration, etc).

Once you open the box,touch theLush 2and you will feel that silky and softtexture. Both the bulbous body and bendable Bluetooth antenna are in hot pink. Very adorable!

How to Clean and Take Care of Lush 2?

You must clean Lush 2 before and after each use.It is really easy to clean the Lush 2 since it’s fully waterproof.You clean it with somesoapy warm wateror withany sex toy cleaner. Anddry thoroughly before storing the toyat a clean place.

It’s suggested toapply lube on the Lush 2 and your body before insertion. Make sure only use awater-based lubricant. Non-reversible damage can be done if you use a silicone or oil-based lubricant.

🌸Tips:Don’t use theLush 2while it’s charging. And if you don’t use your toy often, make sure it’s recharged every six months. This can help prolong the working life of the toy.

My Experience with Lovense Lush 2

First of all, I would like to point out this toy is calledLovenseLush, not “Lovesense Lush” nor “Ohmibod lush”. It’s important that you target your sweet spot with the right toy ;).

Ok, now let’s go back to my story. I was in a long-distance relationship for years and that was how I discoveredLovense Lush. In the beginning, I just wanted to make those long months away from each other a little more manageable.

Mostly, what I was looking for is something that’s going tomake communication easierand something that’s going toenhance our long-distance sex life.

Lush surpassed my expectations and I fell in love with it right after the 1st use. That’s why I own both Lush 1 and Lush 2 now. TheLush 2egg vibrator kept all the nice things I love from Lush 1 and also made improvements on the things that I complained about. This is really like making a dream come true!

The texture of Lush 2 is really smoothand It’s comfortable enough to stay in almost all day. Besides, it gives anamazing and addictingsensation!

I use this toy a lot for foreplay because it can keep me constantly warmed up. When my partner is in control of theLush 2, this little magical thing can drive me crazy because (in my opinion) it’s hard to reach G-spot orgasm from theLush 2alone! Naturally, I was so turned-on and crazily wanting some more intense thrusting and interaction!

I also found it’s really sexy to play around in public while giving all the control to my partner.How do I use Lovense Lush in public? Here is an example: imagine when you are ordering coffee, your partner suddenly turns the love egg to high vibration. You really have to control yourself well not to suddenly moan in front of the cashier ;).

There are justso many fun things to be discovered and experiencedwith this toy!

🌸Tips:I used this toy at Starbucks, at grocery stores, in the restaurants while there was background music, in the cinema while the movie is on, and on the street while walking. The toy is not noisy at all, I was never caught. However, I wouldn’t recommend to use it in place a library, a quiet garden, or so. After all, the toy still has around 50db noise to make.

Anal Vibrators , the Bluetooth inLush 2has a bigger range, which makes it less likely to get disconnected and I haven’t had any connection issues so far. From my experience, I found thatdisconnection could also be a lot less if I leave the antenna outside of my underwear.It’s easy to do though since the antenna is extremely flexible.

One thing I must point out is about the internal stimulation Lush 2 provides. As mentioned, it feels really good having the Lush 2 vibrating internally; But,I am not saying it can hit your G-spot intensively all the time.Besides, I couldn’t really move/rock the vibe while it was inserted as the antenna part is too flexible.

To be honest, the best way to enjoy theLush 2is to let go of the control and make your body sense the sensation by itself. One of the orgasmic tips I can give is that you can leave the Lush 2 vibrating internally while stimulating the clit with another toy.

I prefer to combine the Lush 2 withWomanizer Libertybecause both toys can do their job hands-freely(you just need to stabilize them with your panty). All I need to do is laying back and enjoy orgasms again and again.

Review Summary (Pros & Cons)

Summary: Similarities and Differences Between Lush 1 & Lush 2

Lush2looks almost the same as the original Lush, but it was truly improved. Here is a summary about what remains the same and what changed on Lush 2:

Lush 2 FAQ

Verdict: A Love Egg That Fits All Fantasies!

All in all,Lush2isa well-made vibrator. The vibrations are pretty damn awesome(though, adding vibrations in the antenna would be much appreciated),and for long distance play it’s pretty good – at least I enjoyed it.

So, if you are looking for a versatile egg vibrator thatgivesversatile ways of playing.If you are looking for apowerful yet discreet vibratorthat outperforms for both vaginal and clit stimulation.

If you are looking for awearable egg vibratorthatcan becontrolled at any distance.Then, LovenseLush 2can be the toy for you! Hope you will enjoy the Lush 2 as much as I do ;)!

You can read more reviews and find more information about Lovense Lush at theirofficial website.

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I am a sex toy reviewer. Despite having tested a great number of sex toys, I still get excited every time I get to try a new one! :)I’m not a native English speaker, so you may find some mistakes in my writing. But I will always bring you thorough, honest and reliable reviews.

hi, my lush is working perfectly, but for some reason i cant feel it (no pleasure).

I use it anally.

What do you think is happen?


Hello Ben,

Lush is not designed for anal use. The shape of Lush is not ideal for anal play, that’s why Lush can’t fully stimulate your pleasure spots. Also, it’s not safe to use Lush anally as it doesn’t have a handle. You should try theLovense Hushinstead. Hush is made for anal pleasure and it works similarly as the Lush.

hey I’m curious if the tip (power button area) vibrates as well? how strong is it?

Hello D,

The tip of the antenna is designed to provide better connectivity and user experience, instead of providing vibration. It vibrates only a little bit but not enough for clit stimulation.

For vibration in general,Lush 2is quite good and it’s a little stronger than the previous model. Besides, the motor performance and durability are improved :).

Helloo, how far away was your long distance? The connectivity was good? Do you think it would work from Michigan to Florida?

Hello S, I was in Asia and he was in Europe. Distance doesn’t really matter as long as you both have an Internet connection. So, for sure it would work from Michigan to Florida ;)!

Regarding the connectivity, we never had any problem. I think as long as the one who wears the Lush doesn’t put the toy too far from the phone (I suggest no more than 20-30 feet, depending on the thickness of the cloth), there shouldn’t be issues.

Make sure you get theLush 2instead of theoriginal Lushbecause the connection chip is in the tip of the antenna forlush 2and it works way better this way :).

Hello – did you test the discreet nature of the unit inside clothing? They tout a lot on the site that it’s good indoors or out, etc etc, but theres’ a very bright light on the control button that we can generally see through clothing… how did you get around this (if you had this problem).

Hello Chris,

Actually, the light on the control button is not bright at all. I usually wear it under my jeans and the light doesn’t go through at all.

Besides, the light is not on all the time. It only blinks when you change modes. For one of the patterns, it blinks a bit more often, but still, it is not continuously on.

After reading your questions, I also tested it with other pants’ materials such as khaki,polyester, suit pants and there was no risk either. I suggest avoiding wearingLush 2with tight leggings just to avoid showing the shape to the world :P.

Have you compared the ESCA 2 vs the Lush 2? I’m torn as to which to purchase. Overall I read better reviews of Lush 2 but a couple consistent complaints is connectivity and more likely to fall out in public which are two important features. Your wisdom is greatly appreciated

Hello D,

Yes, I have a comparison article for Esca 2 and Lush 2:https://hertoysreview.com/lovense-lush-vs-ohmibod-esca/.You can read it for more details.

Regarding the connectivity, I don’t really have much complaints. My partner and I used it for many times. It dropped only few times, and reconnected easily.

The App for esca 2 is called Ohmibod Remote. I personally feel the Lovense App is more stable (aka. less crash) and has better interface. (I think you can also connect Esca 2 to an app called Feel-Connected, but that one isn’t to my like at all).

Regarding falling out in public, I don’t think so. Maybe that’s the case for Lush 1,but definitely not forlush 2because the tail can be bend into any shape. I curved the tail part into a somewhat hook shape and get it attached to my panty, and that worked well.

Hope this helps :). Let me know if you have other questions.


Hi I’m wanting to purchase this for me and my boyfriend but wary about the long distance connectivity, was the connection stable for you on very long distances? Will it work from UK to Switzerland ?

Hello A,

Lush 2 will work from UK to Switzerland without any doubt :). Regarding the connectivity, I have quite positive experiences. 90% of the time it worked really smoothly for me, there were only a few drops when I opened other apps while using the Lovense Remote app.

I have writtena very detailed articletalking about vibrator apps and its connection and there is a section about Lovense remote. Feel free to take a look.

First of all: Thank you for your amazing review !

Finally decided to buy me a lush 2 !! And it is a lot of fun. But ! I hope you can help me, I didn’t got any advice before:

So the indentation in the toy is where the toy needs to be charged, respectively where the charging cable hast to be putted in, I know.

But now I’m a little bit uncertain, because I didn’t charged it yet:

In the indentation for charging is a small crack. Is this normal, respectively a crack for the charging cable ? Would the crack normally have occurred after the first loading or is the lush broken?

Or should the rubber, after plugging in the charging cable, have only had to stretch after this, but not be teared ?

I ask specially because of the watertightness.

Thank you and many regards.

Hi, Thanks for your positive feedback!

Regarding your question, there shouldn’t be any crack in the charging hole. It’s more like a tiny dot there. Once you plug the charging cable in, it should feel tightly fit.

There are few pictures in the article showing how the charging area should look like. If yours doesn’t look the same, I suggest you contact the Lovense customer support for repairing or replacement.

Hi, I really want to get a toy my boyfriend and I can use from a long distance. Specially one he can control but I saw you said it’s not great for G-spot stimulation. Which one do you recommend for this?

Hello Angel, It depends on where your G-spot locates. I personally prefer deeper penetration to reach the G-spot. Therefore, Lush 2 is a bit small. If you are like me, I would recommendLovense Nora or Osci 2instead.Norais more girthy and more fun to play with for LDR couples, esp. if you bf gets the Max 2. If you don’t like something girthy,Osci 2is a better option and it can reach deeper inside and it stimulates better when masturbating (in my opinion). Hope this is helpful! 🙂 Jane

I just have to say this is a fantastic review, one of the visitors to my blog asked me for some advice about this toy but I haven’t reviewed one yet but I did find this review which I passed on to him. This review is incredibly thorough and pretty damn amazing. Excellent work. I have bookmarked your site and will be referring others to it.

My wife got it as a Christmas gift from her boss and loves to wear it when ever he calls her.

Hi just I’m wondering if you send your product to Mexico is going to be a gift for my wife

Hello Jose, I checked the Lovense website. It seems that they do send products to Mexico. Quoted fromLovense“During checkout, you will see a list of countries we ship to. If the country of your shipping address is not included in the list, it means we cannot ship to this country due to slow shipping times, expensive prices and/or customs issues.” and Mexico is on the list. Hope this is helpful!

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I’m not a native English speaker, so you may find some mistakes in my writing. But I aim to always give thorough and reliable reviews.

I write about toys that are safe to use and interesting to my taste. If there’re toys you would recommend me to try, don’t hesitate to tell me. I am very open to new experience 😉


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