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August 04, 2015

Summer Fun: Hemptique DIY: Mod Podge and a Water Balloon

Summer is moving along & it is time for fun! Here is an easy project with Hemptique Hemp Cord that will add color to your mantel or table top.

What you will need :

A spool of your Favorite Hemptique Color

10 Water balloons

1 cup ModPodge

1 cup water

Disposable container

Newspaper or butcher paper (to cover table)

Step by step directions :

In a disposable container mix a cup of Mod Podge and a cup of water .

Soak 3-4 feet of Hemp cord into mixture. (It only needs to soak for about 30 seconds)

Tie one end to the top of water balloon knot, I suggest you tie under the knot (this will make it easier to remove balloon once your egg has dried.)

Wrap Hemp Cord around several times making any design you like.

Cut the end of the string and wrap it under another piece. cbd e-juice

Hang balloons to dry for about 24 hours.

Once eggs have completely dried, and are firm pop balloon and remove through an opening in the string.

String Eggs together for Garland or place in a clear vase or bowl.

Enjoy! Happy Crafting !

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